Kanye West Interrupts Obama's Speech

Congratulations Taylor Swift, You're A Star

A cruel irony played itself out at the Video Music Awards last night. Kayne West self destructed underneath the klieg lights, on center stage in front of an audience of his musical peers, filmed on a live television. He stormed the stage to eclipse the spotlight of Taylor Swift. As he oafishly snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for the MTV's "Best Female Video" award, he ironically launched her musical career into the stratosphere.

Although Taylor Swift seem rightfully shocked and dismayed, her agent couldn't have paid for this level of free publicity. Ironically, Kayne West unintentionally birthed a new star. As the days unfold, Taylor Swift will garner headlines from across the globe. Likewise, her videos will be in heavy rotation, and her record sales will soar. I'll even bet that Taylor Swift will vie for the newest MTV “it girl" replacing icons like Madonna, Brittany Spears and Hanna Montana. Taylor Swift should send a thank-you note to the one person who was able to shatter the fame noise barriers, Mr. Kayne West.

As Alanis Morissette sang “Isn't it ironic... don't you think.”

Of course the situational irony doesn't end with Kayne's outburst. Near the end of the program, Beyoncé (the damsel in distress that caused Kayne West to jump on stage to defend her video honor), graciously offered Taylor Swift her spotlight to finish the acceptance speech.

Within the next few weeks Taylor Swift will certainly gain on the Billboard charts as Kayne's sales will diminish. Next year as Taylor Swift receives her Grammy Awards, MTV Awards, American Music Awards and the Country Music Awards Ms. Swift should give a special shout out to the guy that got booed off the stage and became the pariah of Radio City Music Hall, Kayne West. After all Kayne to extinguish his own career while inadvertently igniting the career of Taylor Swift.